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Bugatti Owners are really dedicated to their marque!


The British Bugatti Owners' Club is a leading light in that respect. While the previously published copies of their register were small loose leaf books with a plastic ring binder, in 2000 the Bugatti Owners Club published a hard cover, bound book, combining all data about Bugatti cars known to exist in the UK.

All the cars that previously were located in the UK, but went abroad in the decade before were listed in a separate chapter.


Another chapter gave an overview of the different types, with brief specifications, including the modern Bugatti cars like the EB 110 and subsequent cars.


Solely 500 copies of this book were produced, all numbered individually, of which this is #306.


A must have for all followers of the marque.

British Bugatti Register and Data Book, 2000

Varenr.: BRBUGREG00
€ 99,95Pris


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