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Over 60 years old, this full-page advert for BRM Racing cars, then owned by Rubery Owen, who supplied many different parts to motor manufacturers. Morgan acquired their chassis from them.


BRM were in fact the successor of the famous ERA cars, both initaited by Raymond Mays, and made many different racing cars, such as the V16 and participated in Formula 1 for quite some time. 


1962 was BRM's high point in Formula 1 history, as they ended the season as overall winner, with Graham Hill as main driver. 


The advert appeared in the October 19, 1962 issue of Autosport and is in excellent conditon.


Great for any collection dedicated to motor racing, Formula 1 or BRM itself.

British Racing Motors -BRM- 1962 advert

Varenr.: BRM1962AD
€ 8,95Pris


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