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Very special indeed!


Beautiful square car badge, in nice box, issued for Bugatti's Centenary in 2009. The motto for the meeting was: Bugatti, 1909 - 2009, 100 Ans d'Excellence.


A big festival was organised by the Club Bugatti France, in Bugatti's home town, Molsheim (Mulhouse) at the museum housing the biggest collection of historic Bugattis, started by the Schlumpf brothers.


The badge is a square of 70mms heighth/width, with a gilt rectangle with Bugatti logo. It has a small tab, measuring 2 x 1 cms, with two tiny holes. The badge, made by the German firm Intertecnica from Bonn,  rarely, if ever, appears for sale.


A unique opportunity!

Festival Bugatti 100 Ans, Molsheim, 2009

Artikelnummer: BUGATTI100ANS
139,95 €Preis


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