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Frequently Asked Questions
With every website arise questions. The most important ones will be covered here. If you have other questions, please use the Contact Us page. 


Q. Are all badges available shown on the page?


A. Not always. A number of people have dropped "wish lists" for badges, while others are actively advertised as "wanted". Also, when a collection comes up for sale it's not always possible to update the website immediately. If you are looking for a particular badge, chances are it's in stock. Don't hesitate to contact us. In general, hundreds of badges are available.

Also, small items, like pin badges come and go quickly. If you want a particular one, please drop a line.


Q. Why does a badge appear more than once?


A. A badge can fall into several categories (say: an American badge, which at the same type can be classified as a collector's item). Then it will be shown under the USA badges, as well as the Collectors' Items, also when there's solely one badge available.


Q. Is part exchange possible?


A. Yes, it is, but it depends on several things: the relative rarity of the badge(s), the condition of the badge(s) and the price you have in mind. Pictures of front and rear are necessary, a good description. NEVER counterfeit badges will be considered.


Q. How to pay purchases.


A. Please wait for the invoice to arrive. In the EUR zone, EUR transfers can be made. Likewise clients with GBP accounts are accomodated with the option to pay by transfer in their own currency. The minimum order amount is EUR 20 (sales price, excluding VAT and postage) or counter value.

Payment by credit cards is the standard method, initiated by selecting Stripe. Master Card, VISA and American Express are the most common ones.

Want to pay by bank transfer in either GBP or EUR? Please select off-line payment when checking out and wait for instructions per e-mail. In The Netherlands, payment by iDeal is standard.

Items shown on the ShopUK page are stocked in the UK and will be mailed within the UK against local rates.

These orders can be paid in GBP and transferred to a local bank.



Q. How do your prices appear on the site?


A. All prices are stated exclusive VAT and postage on the website. The VAT in The Netherlands is 21% and has to be calculated to EU residents. People with an address outside the European Union are VAT exempt.

In case of special short-lived actions, the discount can be claimed by using the coupon on the website, or sending an e-mail, stating the intent to use the special discount. These temporary discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts, such as memberships, or discounts by means of other coupons.

The same applies to temporary offers that appear in the RANDOM SALE page.


Q. How do you calculate postage?

A. Postage is calculated on basis of location and weight. If you want to order more than one item, please put everything in the cart, before checking out. Two separate orders are more expensive.

There are different postage areas, depending on the countries where the items need to be sent to. A large number of countries (mainly in Africa, Asia and Central/South America, don't appear in the standard destinations. People who want items sent there, do this for their own risk.

The recommended way of sending items is as a tracked package, due to the value of most items. In case of lightweight or low value items, alternative postage is possible. Rare/expensive items had best be insured. 

For items weighing (together) less than 100 grams, a cheap postage option is available.

Untracked items that are lost cannot be refunded. Also, delivery takes longer than usual.


Q. How do you treat my personal details?


A. The details you provide are necessary to send the package. Telephone and e-mail details are required by mailing companies, in case they cannot locate an address or fail to find a person home when a package is delivered. Clients' details are not shared with other third parties.


Q. How can I tell a counterfeit badge?

A. Most counterfeit badges are made from inferior material. They look similar to, but not exactly like, the originals. Often they are smaller, but above all lighter! If you consider purchasing a badge, which appears cheap, and you are in doubt about its merits, please feel free to contact us. Information about known counterfeit badges is given on a separate page on the website,

Real versus fake badges

Just two examples of comparing counterfeit badges with the real thing.


Left, the real thing.

Right, the counterfeit ones.


The genuine  badges are larger, heavier and have a far better finish. For example the yellow rimmed Morgan Car Club of Washington DC badge is chrome/enamel, while the poor (India) reproduction has no enamel at all, but rather a poor finish.


These are just two examples, but there are many others!

Background photograph by Patrick Brinton

100 Years of Morgan Factory badge, real thing
FAKE India badge 100 Years Morgan Factory

Also the badges of did not escape the fate of the illustrious copying machine in India...

On the left the original badge to celebrate 100 years of the Morgan Factory at its Pickersleigh Road premises, on the right the poor India copy.

Even a French firm used the same design for their own good.

Watch out!

FREE Postage with orders over EUR 150
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