The Morgan Club of Finland is a small club, without official status, which has been active since 2007. The popularity of Morgan has increased since then and so has the number of Morgans in the country.

One of the Morgans which has been in Finland from the beginning of the club is the 1965 4/4 Series V which used to belong to long-time Morgan Sports Car Club secretary Chas Smith, who sold it to Arto Peltonen.


That was the Morgan intended to participate in the 1982 Peking to Paris run, which never took place for political reasons. Chas had produced badges to finance the run (also available on the website), while this Finland badge shows the outline of the same car!


Of this badge solely 50 copies were produced by master badge maker James Baker. It is a rare opportunity to be able to purchase one is such an unused condition.

10 Vuotta Morgan Club of Finland


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