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2022 marked the diamond anniversary of the historic Morgan class victory in the Le Mans 24 Hours race in 1962, driving the Morgan +4 Super Sports, registered TOK 258.


This is still considered the high point in Morgan's racing history. Chris Lawrence and Richard Shepherd-Barron established a feat, which is still remembered fondly.


Morgan themselves launched the LM62 model, which carries a close resemblance to the car that ran at Le Mans in 1962, while they authorized the launch of a range of special goodies with the design shown here.


Available in unnumbered, numbered and gilt versions.


Also lovely key fobs, pins and patches! Great presents for keen Morganeers. Now priced attractively.


A small quantity of these badges is kept in stock in the UK and can be paid in GBP if so wished. Please enquire first to confirm availablity.



60 Years of Morgan Le Mans class win, badges

Preisab 48,71 €


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