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Morgan badge collecting has begun in earnest in the 1980s, when the number of Morgan clubs grew and with that the badges. The phenomenon of meeting-badges was introduced and the bigger clubs with several centres (in particular the Morgan Sports Car Club) issued an increasing number of centre-badges.


Collectors of the Morgan badges could be found all over the globe. The most enthusiastic of them even reached a collection of several hundreds of different ones. The top collectors even have passed the mark of 1000 different Morgan badges!  These are few and far between, though.

To get that many Morgan-badges, asks for dedication and perseverance! These terms are fully applicable to the Belgian top-collector Mark Verhasselt, who has passed the 1500 badges line, while his collection continues to grow!

In 2021 he reached this milestone, while the Morgan Sports Car Club reached its milestone of 70 years of existence. For that occasion a special series of 7 badges -one for each decade- was produced and these all ended up in Belgium. In honour of this, a special display was created.

Along with the 7 numbered copies, also the regular Morgan Sports Car Club 70th anniversary badge was purchased and added to the same display.

In the background picture, part of Mark's immense and very well-organised collection is visible. He hasn't tired of collecting yet and is always on the hunt for unusual Morgan badges or varieties on them.

The more badges one sees, the more varieties are being discovered. This is an ongoing process, so who knows when the 2000th Morgan badge will be discovered!

Enjoy the view.


MSCC 70 Years car badges
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