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After the original Morgan Ireland badges sold out quickly a few years ago, demand remained. People who have them, hang on to them, though. An entirely different design, but wholly appropriate, came forward. This badge has now been in reduced in price drastically. 

The badge has NO enamel. This version is plated chrome, with the objects (cars, harp, Ireland name and the roads) raised, to give a 3D effect. It comes of course with a tab.


People who live in the UK can have the badge sent against local rate upon enquiry and pay in GBP.

The badge will also appeal to owners of other classic cars, as the other cars shown are an MG MGA and a Jaguar E-Type.


Including tab, the badge is11cms high and certainly stands out among others. 

Ireland Island badge, chrome

Artikelnummer: IRLCHR
59,50 € Standardpreis
14,88 €Sale-Preis


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