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Long-time Morgan owner, professional photogrpaher and arch-enthusiast John H. Sheally II published 3 books about Morgan.


The second one - Pride of the British- was published in 1982, after he attended the first big international Morgan-meeting, MOG 80 at Beaulieu and Goodwood and made his epic trek across the USA in his 1935 Morgan Super Sports MX4, which caught fire under way, but nevertheless finished the trip!


In those days, colour photos in books were not commonplace, so the only colour pictures of the book were those on front and rear cover.


More unusual models, like three-wheelers, Plus 4 Plus and Drophead Coupés, got good coverage in the book. The Plus 4 Plus was one of John's favourites and he owned 3 of the 26 made.


Essential for devoted enthusiasts.


The dust wrapper has some tears at the front, but is otherwise fine. Solely this copy.

Morgan, Pride of the British

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