About MorganCarBadges.com


Anything you want to know about -mainly- Morgan car badges, you can find through this site.


Whether you spot the badge you have wanted for so long, want assistance in adding others to your collection, we'll be happy to assist.


The same goes for helping to find a good home for badges you have to dispose of, for whatever reason. Good advice is free!


Also if you, or the centre, or club you belong to want to issue a car badge, a pin badge, a patch, devoted printed  items, or perhaps even a combination of these, but don't know exactly how to tackle this, we'll be happy to be of assistance and take our part of the tasks out of your hands.


That doesn't limit itself to Morgan only. ANY car minded organisation is welcome and nothing else is excluded either.


In addition we have a growing selection of other Morgan regalia, such as mouth masks, coasters, beer mats,  sales literature, handbooks, pins, patches, etc.



The happenings of 2020 with regard to the Corona virus put the world upside down. After complete lockdowns, things are opening up at a number of places. 

Still, the world is struggling with all the side effects.

The most important thing with regard to purchasing items online is that it has become extremely hard to predict delivery times on orders. The quickest deliveries by transport firms are on registered packages, as these can be tracked and traced.

Purchasing lightweight and relatively cheap items usually don't merit paying the rate of registered mail. The postal firms do place those in second plan, so delivery will take -considerably- longer than usual.

Of course with out-of-EU orders also customs play a role. Custom departments under normal circumstances can take up to 6 weeks to check packages and in Corona times this can be even more! The UK customs is already in training for Brexit, so even they take longer than they used to.

Please take this into account when ordering. Once sent out there is no way to steer or speed up delivery of your order. Sorry for any inconvenience.


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Payments can be done in several ways:

  • on line at check out from the site, by credit card, through STRIPE. 
    This also includes American Express cards.

  • off line per bank transfer in EUR. Please contact us first;

  • in the Netherlands IDEAL payments can be made;

  • for Dutch buyers also payment by means of the WhatsApp service Tikkie is an option.

  • NEW is an OFF LINE payment by means of "Transfer WIse". This is a bank, which uses VERY low rates, while the buyer is free to choose the way he/she opts to pay.
    Payment in either EUR or GBP. Please contact us first in order to choose your most effective way and receive detailed instructions for your first payment.

Contact us through: morgancarbadges@outlook.com

Call now: +31646084137


Company name: Car History Info

Company owner: Mr. Hermen Pol

Company address: Het Veer 129, 1633 HD Avenhorn, Netherlands

Chamber of commerce: Alkmaar 61303526

VAT number: NL061319612B01

From 1st January 2020: NL001200290B62


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A selection of our services: 

Locating old badges, purchasing/selling collections;

Designing/ selling new badges;

Purchasing, designing, selling pins, patches and other regalia.

Black Sheep Morgan Lovers badge
Morgan Plus 4 Club badge, old version
All Morgan's Day 2018 patch

A Warning About Purchasing Badges

Car badges are of all times, shapes, sizes, materials and values. Once a person is caught by the car badge bug, it is difficult to say no. How far does one -want to- go? 


Do you limit yourself to one car make, one club, a series of events, etc? Or does one go for "everything"? That is of course for any individual to decide.


This website is largely devoted to car badges related to the Morgan sports car, though car badges of other car makes and institutions will also be available.


Collecting ANY kind of objects -also car badges- is full of traps. Because many older, or rare, badges have become very valuable, it has become attractive for various firms to offer counterfeit (fake) items, which look like the real thing, but on closer inspection are not. Particularly beware for items produced in India.


Here you will only find the real thing, preferably in (very) good condition. Lesser items are not really considered, unless somebody is in dire need of one and also accepts items that need work.


Happy hunting!




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Company: MorganCarBadges.com

Owner: Mr. Hermen Pol

Address: Het Veer 129, 1633 HD Avenhorn, Netherlands

E-mail: MorganCarBadges@outlook.com

VAT# NL001200290B62