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Badges at the Morgan Motor Company



Above: Steve Morris was personally presented with a special print of the Hawaii HiMOG Badge artwork.


Below: Morgan CEO Steve Morris was handed his copy of the Pickersleigh Road 100 Years badge, at the Pickerlseigh Road, in November 2014, by Hermen Pol.


He received badge #100 of course! Together with a specially dedicated certificate by badge artist Tcherek Kamstra, this forms part of his collection of Morgan memorabilia.



Morgan CEO Steve Morris receives the badge from owner Hermen Pol
The badge issued for 100 Years Morgan Factory at the Pickersleigh Road in Malvern Link
Side entrance to Morgan Motor Company

Morgan Centenary Roadster 100 Register

The Morgan Centenary Roadster 100 Register is a very active group within the Morgan Sports Car Club. They organise the bi-annual All Morgans' Day event at Blenheim Palace and do many kinds of fund raising for Combat Stress, the charity in support of war veterans.

They have commissioned several special badges through and in 2019 presented a framed, dedicated copy of their 10th anniversary badge to the Morgan Motor Company. 

The badge is shown here at the day it was handed over to Morgan by Frank Lomax in name of the Register. 


New Morgan connection

The year 2021 saw world struggling back after the Corona crisis. New initiaves galored! One of these was the Malvern guest house The Old Dairy Malvern, on almost a stone's throw from The Factory making name for itself. They have a unique service, which includes the possibility of renting their own Morgan Plus 4!

To promote this, a special badge was created through MorganCarBadges. A special dedicated copy, stamped MMC, was presented by the owners Mark & Nicki Williams to Steve Morris, CEO of the Morgan Motor Company. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

The Old Dairy Malvern gilt badge
Nicki and Mark Williams with Morgan CEO Steve Morris
Mark Williams handing over the Old Dairy Malvern badge to Steve Morris
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