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These hand made full bronze badges were made for the Italian club 4S Morgan Drivers by their dedicated sculptor artist Roberto Sarri. He made about 100 copies of them in the late 1990s and some copies were left out - forgotten until rediscovered...


There are two copies available. Both DO need work, mainly proper polishing, to become shiny once more. 


One copy has received some polishing, to show the difference, while one was kept "as is". Both were in equal condition.


A nice winter project for those who are not faint hearted!


The greatest width at the top is about 80mm, while the heigth is about 75mm, including tab. As these are compact, full bronze badges, theigh weigh in at about 225 grams.


Doing your own work does have its dividends!

4S Morgan Drivers - Hoot owl badge

Artikelnummer: 4SHOOTOWLU
Preisab 62,95 €


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