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Canada must be the largest country worldwide with a sizeable Morgan population. The Morgan will be spread over the country, but are concentrated in some main areas, such as Greater Ottawa.


There is an active group of Morgan owners, while the website started in Gomog has become an important one for Morgan owners worldwide.


The group has issued two versions of their basic badge, one without drill holes in the tab, the other ready to be fitted. The badges date back to the late 1980s/early 1990s.


These massive badges measure approx 85 mm wide and 80 mm high and have not been fitted to a car.  The copy with holes doesn't have the same fine finish as the undrilled one. Hence its reduced price. Only one copy of each.

Greater Ottawa Morgan Owners Group - GOMOG

Artikelnummer: GOMOG
Preisab 59,95 €


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