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The Morgan Car Club of Washington DC is one of oldest Morgan clubs in the USA. Initiated in 1959, it has been the major East Coast Morgan club in the USA for many years.


It has issued a nice selection of car badges over time.


In the late 1970s, the so-called number plate badges appeared. These simply featured the MCCDC initials on a rectangle shape. Several versions of these badges were made: plain MCCDC lettering, or with added Morgan wings of either 4/4, +4 or +8. These were produced by the then leading car badge manufacturer and Morgan owner, James Baker.


Very much sought after is the +4 version, of which one copy is available here. Of the 4/4 wings version there are two copies. These badges rarely appear for sale.


This badge may not fail in any serious badge collection

MCCDC number plate badge, late 1970s

Artikelnummer: MCCDCNUMBPL
Preisab 99,95 €
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