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A real classic!


The badge for the 35th anniversary of the Morgan +8, issued by the Morgan Sports Car Club Holland, designed by Geoff van Beek. The title 3.5 decennia refers to both the 3.5 litre Rover V8 engine, and the 3.5 decades the model had lasted.


As the badge is a virtually perfect copy of the 15" +8 rim, it is also known as the "wheel badge" :-) 


Only 80 copies of this badge were made.


People who live in the UK can purchase through the ShopUK page. Please send a message to apply for postage rates and payment data in GBP.

Morgan Plus 8 35th anniversary "wheel" badge in UK

Artikelnummer: MORGANP8WHUK
109,95 € Standardpreis
89,95 €Sale-Preis


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