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The perfect regalia for a Morgan 4/4 owner!


In the early 1990s the Morgan Sports Car Club issued three different badges in the shape of a grille: for the 4/4, the +4 and +8, now over 30 years old!


These were hand made by the Colmet firm of Jim Baker. These are  beautiful badges, but many lost most of their enamel, so only few badges survive without damage. The copy for sale is pristine.


The badges are large, 8 cms wide and almost 12 cms high, and heavy: over 210 grammes. You really FEEL you have a badge in your hands!


Copies you do come across in general have lost their enamel between the grille bars, as that's very vulnerable. Many also lost their light blue enamel at the bottom.


At the same time, the Morgan Sports Car Club issued pin badges and key fobs of the same design, one copy each of these is also available, still in new condition.

Morgan Sports Car Club Four-Four grille type regalia

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