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After Charles Morgan joined the Morgan Motor Company, with his journalistic background, Morgan's promotional activities increased, particular around the turn of the millennium.


He previously had been responsible for the design of several Morgan brochures, such as those from 1973 and 1992. 


The Malvern Link magazine was an outcome of his efforts. 


Issued in the second half of 2000, the Morgan Aero 8 still was in the centre of attention. New was the appointment of Steve Morris to manufacturing manager. He later became Managing Director and CEO of the Morgan Motor Company, but recently retired. Also the technical specifications of all cars of the Morgan range were shown, as well the latest developments on the racing and club scene.


These were large A3 size magazines recalling the latest developments in the Morgan (Club) scene, printed on high quality paper, combined with great photography. Issued between 1998 and 2002.


Great for any motoring collection or dedicated Morganeer.

The Malvern Link - Morgan Factory issued promotional magazine - Issue 4

Artikelnummer: MALVERNLINK4
€ 8,95Preis


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