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A totally new Malvern experience!


At just over a stone's throw from The Factory there's a very much Morgan minded Bed & Breakfast called The Old Dairy Malvern. Situated in a historic building, they also have a Morgan available for hire, for their guests!


A special badge has been created for them, which has the Factory's blessing. It features the old type Morgan wings, the Malvern Hills, part of their building and the cow from which the address derives its name. The design has been created by Tcherek Kamstra, who has many Morgan badges behind her name.


Of this numbered series, only 25 were made. Also a small number of gilt copies.

The Old Dairy Malvern Morgan badge

Artikelnummer: TODMCB
Preisab 46,95 €


  • Part of the stock is located in the UK, so can be mailed locally and be paid in GBP, if so wished. Please enquire first, in that case.

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