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Vincent motorcycles have a strong following, like other British motorcycles such as Norton, BSA and Triumph. The make existed from 1928 till 1955 and its official name was Vincent HRD, as the proprietor, Philip Vincent, had acquired the company rights to the manufacturing name HRD.


Nowadays good examples of these motorcycles bring top money.  The Vincent  HRD Owners Club has a strong following, with around 2500 members around the globe. Vincent regalia are only available to club members, but recently an older badge has surfaced, It is different from the current club badge, which has a black outer rim.


This aluminium badge has not been fitted. It has been in store for a considerable time. At the rear of the tab there is corrosion, probably due to electrolytic reaction.


Nevertheless it's a rare opportunity to purchase such a badge.


It is located in the UK and can be sent there against local rates. If desired, one can also pay in GBP, after enquiring off line.

Vincent HRD Owners Club badge

Artikelnummer: VOCHRDB
89,95 € Standardpreis
69,95 €Sale-Preis


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