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2009 was a memorable year in Morgan's history. The Centenary of the make was celebrated during the year, culminating in a massive Morgan event in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Over 3000 Morgans gathered from all over the globe, from New Zealand, Australia, the USA to Canada and of course all over Europe.


Morgan celebrated its Centenary in a grand manner in 2009. A number of meetings were held, culminating in the July meeting in Cheltenham. This was attended by people from all over the globe, many of whom brought their Morgans. There were Morgans from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa, the USA, and Canada, to name but a few.


The badge for this occasion has become a real collector's item. An old stock of original badges, unboxed, was recently discovered. These are now available for sale. All copies are UNUSED and thus excellent.


This is the REAL THING, not a cheap India fake badge. A MUST for collectors!


The badges listed here reside in the UK. Please CONTACT US first, for custom delivery and/or payment in GBP.

1909-2009 One Hundred Years of Morgan Passion, in UK

€ 86,95Pris
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