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Fake badges

When hunting for badges to add to your collection or to fit to your car, you have to consider that also unscrupulous firms and individuals are active on the market, to earn some "easy money".

For years there has been and still is a firm from India active  on eBay. They act under different names and sell second rank badges of bad quality, which on a picture look identical to well known badges.

The latest fake badges to be offered on eBay are BLACK SHEEP MORGAN LOVERS badges.

They have bluntly copied the design, without any permission.

The badges can be told easily, by lacking a stamped number on the front of the tab.


Don't fall into this trap!

Popular and hard to find are the Wolfhound badges, issued

a few years ago by Morgan Ireland. There are green and

blue versions of this high quality badge.

The infamous India firm for fake badges has also

discovered its attraction, and has offered a supply of fake

copies on eBay.

Thererefore, if you are looking for such a badge, take

GOOD care and don't fall into their trap.

There are two reasons for this: 1. the quality is inferior.

2. the price is too low to represent the real thing.

Another player has entered this market from Indonesia, named Glamscoot, and is selling several so called "hand made, limited edition" badges on eBay. One example is the 80 Years of Morgans badge (originally produced by Melvyn Rutter) shown below. This badge shows obvious signs of being reproduction (no enamel, poor finish), but the same firm also sells plain metal, as well as poorly  painted badges of for example SpotMog. 

Watch out for these is the device.

Fake badge 80 Years of Morgans

Probably even more dangerous are badges that do look like the familiar badges, but are reproductions.

In some cases the name of a well known badge firm (correctly or incorrectly) has been stamped into the badge.

An example of that is a reproduction of the early 1980s Morgan Sports Car Club New Forest Centre badge.

Also that badge was produced by Melvyn Rutter at the time.

Now reproductions of these badges are sold with a different firm stamp on the rear, of a badge maker who never produced these badges!

Fake badges 75 Years of Morgans
Wolfhound India fake Ireland badge
Fake copy of Black Sheep Morgan Owners badge

When in doubt about the authenticity of a badge, please ask for information before buying or doing a bid. In general beware of bidding on any rare  one/off badges appearing on eBay.

Morgan Sports Car Club New Forest centre badge

The above badge is out of shape and poorly reproduced. Morgan NEVER issued the badge like this!

The badge on the left is an original New Forest badge. On the rear it has a Melvyn Rutter Specialist Services name stamp.

The badges that have come on offer carrying a name stamp of Gladman & Norman are fake, as this firm never produced these badges.

Also the horses on the fake badges are  poorly reproduced.

Morgan Sports Car Club Holland 35th anniversary FAKE badge

In October 2021, fake copies of the Morgan Sports Car Club Holland 35th anniversary badge were also actively offered in large quantities.

These are poorly finished products, with paint instead of enamel.

BEWARE of these! Don't buy them. The price may be attractive, but the quality is bad and they look different. They have like a golden glow about them.  Watch out!

More copy cat activity!

The familiar India copy cat firm again added badges to their assortment on eBay... Their most recent offerings are a bad reproduction of the German UnMOGLich "piston leaving engine" badge, with pale colours and of course poor metal quality.

The same goes for the "Aerodynamics are overrated" badge. STAY AWAY from these if you don't want to waste your money!

UnMogLich fake badge

All fake...

The list of FAKE badges, produced in and offered by a firm from India is sheer endless. They even use pictures of genuine badges to hide their counterfeit products!

Examples of other fake Morgan badges are:

  • Morgan Owners Group Great Lakes 40th anniversary badge, 2014;

  • Morgan One Hundred Years of Passion, Factory produced badge for the Morgan Centenary;

  • Morgan 3-wheeler Grindelwald badge;

  • 100 Years of Morgan Factory at Pickersleigh Road badge, bronze without enamel;

  • Morgans on the Gulf Morgan Owners Group 

  • Morgan logo sign plaque for under bonnet, printed in different colours;

  • Morgan wings bonnet badges;

  • Morgan script badges.

  • many, many more.....


Morgan Centenary fake  badge
Morgan plaque fake
M3W Grindelwald fake badge
Morgan script fake
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