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Metal memorial plaque, issued at the occasion of the official opening of the War Cemetery at Margraten, Limburg, Holland by the then Queen Juliana, in 1960.

On the 24th of May 2020 her grandson, King William Alexander, held a memorial speech here, to recall the sacrifices by the US Forces.

The elegant plaque, with a painted memorial image In the centre, honours the many US soldiers who gave their lives to liberate Holland and other European countries. Over 8000 of them sadly found their last resting place here.


It measures about 16 x 15 cms and has a hole at the top to enable it to hang on the wall.


Despite being over 60 years of age, the plaque is in remarkably good condition. A great object for collectors of WW II memorabilia or people connected with the US forces.


Now priced attractively!

Margraten WW II Memorial plaque, 1960

€ 29,95 Regulær pris
€ 13,48Salgspris


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