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This long-established Morgan club in the New York is still active today.

They have not issued any badges for years, so their early badges are getting few and far between. 


The badges available were in the late 1990s and produced by Jim Baker's firms Badge & Medal International, respectively Colmet, with a number stamped on the tab. The name appears on a sticker on the rear. 


Both badges have translucent green enamel.


The earliest copy has slightly darker green and a large size number on the front, while the wings are completely chrome. The later copy -by Colmet- has a smaller size number and yellow lines in the wings.


These badges are very hard to find and particularly in this excellent conditon.

Morgan 3/4 Group New York, 1990s badge

Varenr.: MOG34YL
PrisFra € 129,95
Colour lines in wings
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