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Just after the end of World War II, in December 1945, Morgan announced the 4/4 with the 1267cc Standard Special engine to the great public. A small number of cars had already been equipped with this engine pre-war, but many people were not aware of this.


The December 26, 1945 issue of The Motor had a 2-pages feature about the 4/4 with the new engine, the Drophead Coupé model being in the centre of attention. The car featured, CWP 823, was the car used by works director George Goodall at that time.


That car has been in the USA since the 1980s. The article is in nice condition and can also be used for framing.


Great to combine with a works advert from the same period, also available here.

The Morgan 4/4, 1946 model

Varenr.: MORGAN441946
€ 9,95Pris


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