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Morgan's last brochure from the 1980s was a very nice one.  It was printed in two different versions. The content was identical, but the paper quality was not. 

One has smooth feeling paper, the other textured paper with a little relief. The smooth one looks slightly darker. 


The difference in weight between these two 12-pages brochures is considerable. The textured ones weighs one third more! 68  grammes versus 51 grammes for the smooth one.


The models featured were the Ford XR3 engined 4/4, the Rover M16 engined +4 and the 3.5 litre Plus 8. During the time this catalogue remained in use, the Plus 8 started using the 3.9 litre engine. As a result some catalogues may have an extra inlay.


All copies are excellent.

Morgan Motor Company sales catalogue, 1988

PrisFra € 9,50


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