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Selection of different dash plaques issued by the Morgan Sports Car Club for their main events, varying from late 1970s to early 1990s meetings. All plaques measure approx. 50 x 30mm and are made of brass, nicely polished. 


Items like these are now rarely on offer. If you are missing any of these, perhaps you are in luck! These are cute items that don't take much place to display.


The plaques available are: MOG 78, MOG 79, MOG 82, MOG 83, MOG 86, MOG 87, MOG 88, MOG 90, MOG 91, MOG 92 and MOG 93.


The MOG 86 and MOG 91 were respectively the 50th anniversary of the Morgan 4/4 and the 40th anniversary of the Morgan Sports Car Club, so these are extra special.


Of a number of events: MOG 78, MOG 79, MOG 82, MOG 73 and MOG 87, no badges were produced, so mementos of these events are scarce.


Take your pick!

Morgan Sports Car Club MOG meeting plaques, 11 different

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