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Morgan Three-Wheeler
Badges and Literature

Morgan three-wheelers whether they are the early ones or the 21st century products, always draw a distinct public. The Morgan Three-Wheeler Club is a very old one, being inaugurated in 1945, but it wholeheartedly welcomed the owners of the modern Morgan 3-wheeler. After all, also these hail from the same Morgan Factory of olde in Malvern!

As the range of memorabilia with regard to 3-wheelers is not that extensive, compared to the 4-wheeled counterparts, all items relating to Morgan 3-wheelers appear below. These are badges, books, and all kinds of M3W goodies.

If you are looking for a particular item, not shown here, feel free to enquire. Our range of goods is rather extensive!

Photo of Treffen M3W Badge on the M3W pictured on the badge! From

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