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Brooklands Books have issued many different car books over the years, collecting road tests and other reports from different sources, combining these to accessible contemporary overviews of one's favourite make.


About Morgan they have issued quite a few different books, combining articles from magazines from all over the world. Apart from British magazines like Autocar, Autosport, Motor, Motor Sport, also American magazines were useful sources.


The version on offer covers publications from 1960 to 1970 and counts 100 pages. It features unusual cars like a Kieft engined Morgan Plus 4, a Morgan Plus 4 Plus, while the Morgan Plus 8 is of course the star attraction, being new at the end of the period covered.


These books are now hard to find. The books come from a major Morgan library and obviously have been used, but are still in good condtition. One has slight damage at the top of the spine and is therefore slightly cheaper.

Morgan Cars 1960 - 1970

€ 40,00Pris


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