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The Morgan Club Deutschland has had two main club badges. One was a round badge with maroon and black enamel, the other was this design, which also is the club logo, known as the "Flying Tombstone".


This badge has been produced in different shapes and sizes. The one on offer is an early copy, with the number stamped on the rear.  It was designed by club stalwart Jochen Patzwaldt and hence bears his initials on the rear. Few of these badges have survived,


Many of these badges flew over the German Autobahns, at the front of the Morgans, so good examples are now very hard to find. It is a heavy-duty badge, with a greatest width of 15cms and a height of 9 cms.


The example on offer has been on display in a major badge-collection, so is in very good condition. Solely one copy is available.

Morgan Club Deutschland, numbered badge

€ 149,95Pris


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