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Morgan has published many interesting adverts in its history of well over 100 years. Also some of these adverts have their own story. That is definitely the case with this particular advert, which appeared in different guises. 


Even the main picture is not what it appears to be! Sure, the car is a Morgan Plus 8, but it is NOT right hand drive! It is a LHD Morgan +8, sold new in the USA! The man just visible behind the wheel is the long time Morgan-owner and photographer John H. Sheally II. He took the picture, with the horse riders situated at the right hand side of the car!


This advert soley appeared in Motor Sport magazine, the monthly UK car magazine, whose editor also had a Morgan Plus 4 flat rad when new. As the magazine celebrated its 50th anniversary in August 1975, Morgan congratulated them with a fitting text,


Of this version of the advert a few copies are available. Other variations will follow at a later stage.

Morgan, Lots of good things begin with an M

Varenr.: MMCAD75MS
€ 7,95Pris


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