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The Morgan Motor Car Club Texas was started in 1975. It is based around Dallas. Most of the members who were there in the early years of the club, still are there. They have issued a small number of badges over the years, this one being the first. It dates from the very early 1980s and is still unused. It's the version with a gold, rather than silver, coloured wreath in the rim. These badges are now a rare find, particularly in good condition.

Morgan Motor Car Club Texas badge, as new

€ 119,95Pris


  • This badge is a grille badge, rather than one for a badge bar, and comes with two screws fixed to the rear. These screws are non-removable. It will be packed carefully, in order to prevent the screws breaking. In the price of the badge extra postage has been incorporated, as postage rates are calculated by weight.

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