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Back in 1953, Morgan changed over from its familiar flat rad shape to an all enclosed bonnet. The first grille had a kind of half moon shape at the top, featuring the Morgan wings emblem, while the head lamps were mounted into straight tubes.


This wasn't the most elegant shape, so it was replaced soon!


The few dozen cars equipped as such are now known as "interim shape" +4s and are extremely rare.


In late 1953 a few adverts were published featuring this car, which was considered "In keeping with every setting"!


Hard to find now these days. 

Morgan Plus 4 2-seater "interim", 1953 Factory advert

Varenr.: MMC1953AD
€ 9,95Pris


  • The advert will be packed carefully between cardboard before sending. Dozens of different Morgan Motor Company adverts, ranging from the 1940s onwards are available. Feel free to enquire. Postage can of course be combined.

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