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Now you feel a real badge!


These series of badges were issued in 2014, upon the revival of the famous Morgan Plus Four "Baby Doll" model, inspired by the late Lew Spencer. Those Baby Doll cars are a rarity, like these badges!


These are thicker, larger, and thus far heavier than usual. The diameter is 9 cms (vs 7.5 cms for the majority of round badges) and each badge weighs in at a healthy 255 grams, almost double of most car badges.


Of course, the design of this low-volume badge is unique as well. The ones available come from a major badge collection and are still as new. 


There are three varieties available:

  • Yellow and green with black lettering
  • Blue and white with black lettering
  • Yellow and green with golden lettering


Of the first two varietes 25 numbered copies were made, of the golden lettered variety only 10 were produced.


An absolute rarity, therefore!

Morgan Plus Four Baby Doll badge

PrisFra € 84,95


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