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The Morgan radiator cowl shape inspired quite a few Morgan badges, The badge shown here is one of them. The Rocky Mountains Region Morgan Owners group is a USA Morgan club, with only a  small number of members.


They had a very special badge made in 2005 by master badge maker Jim Baker, produced in true Morgan tradition. Not only was it handmade, but it also was well ahead of its time! 


In the era when re-use of materials was still at its beginnings, this heavy badge used scrap metal that was left over from the Morgan Motor Company for its top layer. A TRUE Morgan badge, therefore, and well worth having in any serious Morgan collection.


The copy for sale formed part of a major Morgan badge collection and has never been used on a car, so is still in pristine condition.


Solely 50 copies of this large badge were made. 

Rocky Mountains Region Morgan Owners Group

Varenr.: RMRMOG
€ 114,95Pris


  • Heigth 12cms, width 8cms, net weight 236 grams.

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