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Morgan 3-wheeler enthusiasts may not be without this book! The Book of the Morgan by G.T. Walton, published by Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons Ltd, is a much sought after book, which first appeared in the 1920s and was reprinted and updated several times since. Original copies are very hard to get and once available very expensive!


The Morgan Three Wheeler Club produced a soft cover (the originals were hard cover) reprint, about 20 years ago, It shows the 1932 version of the book, with very useful tips how to use and maintain a Morgan three-wheeler, lovely period adverts and pictures of the different Morgan models available in that period.


Among these is the cute Van model, of which no originals are known to exist anymore. A very nice replica can still be seen at Morgan meetings from time to time. It was a very succesful model in that period, but all of these sadly were scrapped.

The Book of the Morgan - reprint

€ 42,95Pris


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