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This book by John H. Sheally II about the Morgan Plus Four Plus, created by Peter Morgan, is now an unusual find. It gives background to both the model and the marque. John Sheally had plenty of Plus 4 Plus experience, having owned 3 of the 26 cars made.


Available is a copy of this A5 size book signed by John Sheally, still as good as new.


Being a photographer of profession, John Sheally provided a good selection of different pictures of many different examples of the model, both in black & white and in colour.


Several of these cars are now up for sale, so be informed! This book is a must have for the real devotee. 


Solely one copy is available.

The Rare Ones, Peter Morgan and the Plus Four Plus

Varenr.: RAREP4P
€ 89,95Pris


  • 1-888967-0702

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