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Paid memberships

When you choose for a paid membership plan you ALWAYS qualify for discounts, all year around, independent of special actions and/or limitations in time.

As an extra, you also qualify for different services, such as being informed about new issues before they are made public, or a search for the badge you always wanted.

Discounts resulting from membership cannot be combined with occasion on-line discounts.

Check out which membership suits you best and add it yo your cart!

Elige tu plan de precios

  • SUPER VIP membership

    Cada año
    +10 € Joining fee
    For everyone wanting the best service
     14 días de prueba gratuita
    • 15% discount on purchases above EUR 300
    • Free updates on new developments, before items are public
    • Free search service for wanted items
  • VIP membership

    Cada año
    +10 € Joining fee
    For the very keen collectors
     14 días de prueba gratuita
    • 12.5% discount on your purchases
    • Free updates on new developments
    • Free search service
    • Renewed automatically until cancelled
  • Gold membership

    Cada año
    +7,50 € Joining fee
    For people who regularly add to their collection
     7 días de prueba gratuita
    • 10% off your purchases above €50
    • Free information for members
    • Free search service for wanted items
FREE Postage with orders over EUR 150
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