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Specialty Morgan Items

Morgan related items available exclusively from Morgan Car Badges

Here you find Morgan items you can't find anywhere else. Only the REAL thing of course. Scroll through the menu to find your treasure!

Special to us -in more than one way- is Malvern. Apart from the fact that it houses the Factory of our beloved vehicles, the beautiful Malvern Hills are always present and it also has a nice guest house whose owners have a Morgan and even make it available to their guests. This is The Old Dairy Malvern. Find them on 

Especially for them and their visitors, a special car badge was designed and made by We are delighted at the result and pleased for our cooperation.

Ladies Drive Morgan badge or pin
The Old Dairy Malvern chrome badge

Also very special to us are the ladies around the world who drive around in Morgans!

The badges issued years ago sold out, but due to popular demand, a new series has been produced, available as badge or pin, for every budget! Also stocked in the UK.

FREE Postage with orders over EUR 150
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