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Special Services


We offer a full range of comprehensive Regalia Services. Apart from the services mentioned previously, Morgan- and other Automobile Aficionados Worldwide are welcome with all kinds of enquiries.


Puerto Rico badge.jpg


Puerto Rico badge

Do you have a copy of this Puerto Rico badge lying around?


Please let us know if you have -or know of someone who has- a copy of this badge for sale. A person with Puerto Rico roots is interested in finding a copy.

On general websites, such as eBay or Amazon, mainly modern counterfeit copies are available, mass produced of bad quality.

Click the link on the image and drop us a line if you can provide a lead. Thank you!

Badge Dude

Not Only Morgan!

Jensen Genootschap car badge

All car clubs, whether dedicated to a car make or activity are welcome.


Among our projects were badges for the Jaguar, Jensen, Triumph and lots of Morgan clubs, worldwide.

Also clubs with their roots in racing, our local activities, have been provided with different items, varying from badges to pins, patches, place mats, beer mats, you name it!

In brief, ANY project provides us with a challenge.

Please feel free to contact us.

Want something special?


Any project, small or big, is considered. We take on every challenge, whether you have your own design, or want one made.

Exclusive badges have their exclusivity price tag, though. 

The example shown left is just one of many.

Click the link on the image and drop us a line if we can be of assistance. Thank you!

FREE Postage with orders over EUR 150
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