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Custom Badge Design Services

All Marques Welcome!

A sampling of our In-House Designer's badge designs

Click on any image to enlarge & read captions

Need help with designing a customized car badge for yourself or your club? Our In-House Artist 's artwork is original and created just for you.

From conception to completion, our design services can be used to create a fully customized design for your badge. Typically the design process includes the following:


 After discussing the desired effect and theme your badge (and any of your proposed ideas) with you, our Artist will present you with up to three images from which to choose. These will be preliminary and will represent any concepts you requested initially, if any.


•  From here minor changes and revisions can be requested, and up to a total of six revised versions of your selected design are included at no extra charge. (These should be modifications of your approved design.)


• While rarely necessary, additional designs and revisions (beyond the 6 included) are available, charged at the Artist's hourly rate.


• Upon approval of final design, a high resolution image will be provided, suitable for badge production.


Our goal is to translate your idea into artwork that is customized to represent your vision, while maintaining elements necessary for a successful badge. Your input is welcome at every stage of design, and you have the option to work in tandem with our Artist, or, if you prefer, leave all the work to us!  


Additional details can be found in the Artist's Agreement, happily supplied upon request. Read what previous clients had to say  about their badge launching experience on the Testimonials page.


Our artist has also created  the following for British car enthusiasts worldwide:

custom holiday cards (featuring graphics created using photos of Morgans supplied by the client) as well as:

custom logos • event posters • T shirt designs • Isis Imports Morgan Calendar • print ads published in The Robb Report and The Dupont Registry • web sites • automotive art portraits etc.  Contact her directly at

Artistic services provided by Tcherek Kamstra, MorganCarBadges' In-House Badge Designer

FREE Postage with orders over EUR 150
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