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Dream Cars Collection

Nice selection of glossy sheets, A4 size, printed in 1998, as a loose leaf album of high-class, classic, sports and racing cars.


All sheets have the same format of a large colour picture on the front, two smaller pictures on the rear, brief historic description of the make, as well as of the car at the front. There also is a small section of technical details and the then prices included. The text is all in Dutch. The majority of all pictures were taken by professional photographer Neill Bruce, with some works supplied pictures. 


It is a nice addition to any classic car library or collection dedicated to a particular make, respectively type of cars.


There are mainly British, Italian, and German makes involved, with a small selection of exclusive American and Japanese cars.

All sheets are in excellent condition. Unlike many copies offered elsewhere, these sheets come without the usual 3 punch holes, so are nice for displays or libraries.

FREE Postage with orders over EUR 150
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