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Up to the late 1970s the Morgan Three Wheeler Club badges were crude, simple triangles, cast aluminium, that had been produced umpteen times from the same die. The time had come for a new proper badge, with tab for fitting it.


Morgan Three Wheeler Club member Jim Baker had his own badge firm, so he was the best candidate the prepare this. In the meantime these badges have become classics in their own right.


There are three varieties available: chrome/enamel, chrome and a lighter version of painted aluminium.


All badges are excellent.


One chrome/enamel badge is situated in the UK. People who live in the UK, will be able to pay local postage rates and can also pay in GBP, upon request. Please enquire first.

Morgan Three Wheeler Club, badges with tab

PrecioDesde 57,95 €
    FREE Postage with orders over EUR 150
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